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A DfA program that designs and specifies PCBs compatible with lead-free soldering is often at odds with a cost driven manufacturing metric.

Read more: The Survival and Long-Term Reliability of Lead-Free PCBs

Lead-free assembly requires a balance between copper, base material and design to assure reliability.

Read more: The Impact of Lead-Free Processing on Interconnect Reliability

A review of RoHS compliant hot air leveled options.

Read more: Lead-Free HAL Final Finishes

Lead-free DFM is a prime target for Murphy's Law. So make sure every detail is handled accurately.

Read more: Lead-Free DFM Demands New Tricks

A trio of companies studied a set of microvias that failed during lead-free assembly.

Read more: Microvia Failure in Lead-Free Assembly, Parts 1 and 2

Just in time for July 1, what you need to know about IPC-4101B - what it does and what it doesn't do.

Read more: Lead-Free FR-4 Specs: Facts and Fiction
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Lead-free PCB design and fabrication will rise in importance as new lead-free legislation continues to be enacted around the world.
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