Flexible Circuits

New paste materials and advances in screen-printing equipment create a flexible opportunity.

Read more: Screen Printing for High-Density Flexible Electronics

Nanomaterials provide the basis for flexible embedded components that meet the demands of new low-cost, large-area, flexible and lightweight devices.

Read more: Laser Micromachining of Nanocomposite-Based Flexible Embedded Capacitors

When it comes to designing for flex, some tools are more adaptable.

Read more: CAD Systems for Flex Circuit Design
Michael Carano Read more: Adhesion of Electroless Copper to Flexible Circuit Materials

Successful designs are soon forgotten but failures are remembered for years. Steering clear of these twelve don'ts will improve the robustness of your designs.

Read more: The Don'ts of Better Flexible Circuit Design and Manufacture

Lasers are enabling technology for smaller features and higher density flexible circuits.

Read more: Laser Processing of Flexible Circuits
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