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By Bob Burns, National Sales & Marketing
Printed Circuits Inc.



Greater acceptance of rigid flex circuit boards in medical and other high reliability electronic packaging has created a demand for UL recognition for flame rated packaging, primarily to meet product liability insurance carrier requirements. 

The Problem

The difficulty lies in getting a UL rating on rigid flex constructions due to the overwhelming number of configurations that must be represented in the test vehicles.

Previous Options

Designers and fabricators wishing to resolve this issue have used two primary methods – specifying UL rated materials and/or submitting individual constructions for UL recognition.  The first solution does not meet the requirements of UL or insurance carriers, and the second solution is limited, expensive and time consuming.

The Printed Circuits, Inc. Solution

Printed Circuits, Inc. has undertaken the task of obtaining UL 94 V-0 flame rating for a large sampling of popular constructions representing most of the possibilities that rigid flex designers would use.


PWB designers and buyers now have a source for fully compliant UL 94 V-0 rated boards to satisfy their insurance carrier’s requirements.
Printed Circuits UL certifications eliminate the cost and time required to test individual boards – most popular constructions can be certified immediately.


Printed Circuits, Inc.’s UL recognition eliminates the cost and time required for electronics designers and buyers to qualify their rigid flex boards.

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