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ROGERS, Conn.- Rogers Corporation announced the company has licensed a highly compliant thermal interface material technology from International Business Machines (IBM). This technology is used in high performance and high reliability chip packaging applications where heat management becomes a limiting factor. Rogers plans to integrate this product line into its Thermal Management Solutions family of products.

Robert C. Daigle, Rogers Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer, stated, "We are pleased to add this technology to our thermal management portfolio. Products based on this technology will become an essential part of Rogers's strategy of being a solutions provider for our thermal management customers. While searching for thermal interface material technologies, it became clear that IBM had developed a truly unique, high performance material set and we feel confident we can turn this into a commercial success."
MIREBEAU, FRANCE – Neltec Europe SAS, a maker of PCB laminates, is proposing to restructure its Mirebeau operations and reduce workforce in response to demand shifts from Europe to Asia.
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KUNSHAN, CHINANan Ya Plastics Inc., affiliate of the Formosa Plastics Group, will spend $360 million to expand its Kunshan PCB materials manufacturing site.
Once complete, the site will have the world`s largest capacity for glass fiber and fabrics for use in copper-clad laminates.
The latest expansion will also reportedly bring Nan Ya’s total investment in the site to $2.2 billion since its 2000 groundbreaking.
According to Nan Ya executives, the company is also expanding its epoxy resin production to a reported 132,000 metric tons annually.
This will place the company among the top three epoxy-resin suppliers with an output of 432,000 metric tons per year.
A third glass-fiber factory is also going in, capable of producing up to 38,000 metric tons a year. Nan Ya will likely build one more factory at the base, the company said.  
LISLE, Ill.Molex Incorporated has begun production at a new facility in St. Paul, Minn. Molex relocated to the new facility from the former Century Circuits operation Molex acquired in 2006. The new, expanded facility offers improved manufacturing process flow and provides more than double the production capacity for Copper Flex products. According to Molex, it has made significant investments in new equipment to ensure that the facility is both more efficient and capable of producing expanded product technologies for the future.

The new facility includes improved temperature and humidity controls that provide the capability to produce multi-layer flex products with more than 20 layers. Molex will now prototype and manufacture rigid flex assemblies at this new location.

“Molex continues to invest in its operational facilities to provide the most efficient manufacturing processes and best possible products to our customers,” said Todd Hester, general manager, printed circuit products group, Molex Incorporated. “Our new Copper Flex facility will not only increase our product output, but provide a better work environment for employees to manufacture the industry's leading product solutions.”

The location also employs new lean manufacturing processes that support progressive manufacturing techniques that will improve plant efficiency and overall product quality. The implementation of Class 10,000 clean room capabilities will also allow for future product directions for fine line flex products.

“Molex Copper Flex products meet the challenging needs of today's technology driven world and are able to replace a variety of electronic interconnects, simplifying the production process and making it more dependable,” said Gary Manchester, marketing director, Molex Incorporated. “Molex has invested in its capabilities to ensure we produce Copper Flex materials that are superior, quality products.”
IRVINE, CAAcer Inc. today announced the purchase of Gateway Inc. for $710 million. The deal has the support of both companies’ boards and is expected to close by December.
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ARLINGTON, VA – A copy of the working draft of J-STD-709, Definition of Maximum Limits on Bromine and Chlorine Used in Materials for Low Halogen Electronic Components and Assemblies, is available for review.
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