NORWOOD, MA – Eric Bogatin has published a new book for engineers learning to design PCBs.

Practical Guide to Prototype Breadboard and PCB Design teaches good design habits, first for connectivity, and it introduces the four most important principles to reduce noise. It includes embedded videos to visually demonstrate many of the hands-on processes.

A seven-step process is presented: developing a plan of record, creating a bill of materials, completing the schematic, completing the layout, completing the assembly, conducting bring-up and troubleshooting and documenting the project. Each step is developed in detail. In particular, the emphasis is on risk management: what can be done at each step of the process to reduce the risk of a hard-error, which requires a complete re-spin, or a soft error, which requires on-the-fly repair.

Best practices for manual lead-free soldering are presented. The best measurement practices using common lab instruments such as the DMM, the constant current/constant voltage power supply, and oscilloscopes are presented so common artifacts are minimized. Features in the design that help you find design or assembly errors quickly and the troubleshooting techniques to find and fix problems are introduced.

The new book is published by Artech House.

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