DragonFly IV 3-D printer, combined with Flight software, is dielectric and conductive materials additive manufacturing system aimed for fabrication of high-performance electronic devices by depositing materials simultaneously while integrating in-situ capacitors, antennas, coils, transformers, and electro-mechanical components.

Reportedly delivers improved accuracy of traces, spacing, vias, PCB product quality, and ability to design and produce 3-D Hi-PEDs in one-step production process. capabilities include integration of 3-D elements in PCB; 3-D-designed Hi-PEDs; support of HDI level elements; 75µm traces; 100µm spacing; 150µm via; enhanced print quality, optimizing yield with predictable conductivity; thickness variation <5%. Software provides ability to incorporate ECAD designs into real 3-D MCAD designs, as well as intelligent verification, slicing, and job control solutions. Enables 3-D design of electrical and mechanical features. Flight plan allows designers to develop viable 3-D AME using existing 2-D design data and novel 3-D data. Integrates 3-D MCAD and ECAD capabilities for 3-D electro-mechanical design. Imports existing designs from major ECAD systems. Enables use of customers’ existing design tools. Flight check enables design rule checks. Unifies design rules for ECAD that meet constraints of DragonFly IV. Reduces design iteration cycles. Flight Control enables concurrent fabrication of 2-D and 3-D multi-material Hi-PEDs. Integrates system and job management toolsets. Supports new file formats (STL and ODB++).

Nano Dimension


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