Includes enhanced support for flex/rigid-flex and embedded component visualization in 2-D and 3-D environments.

Provides upgrades to existing DFM analysis capability to support rigid-flex and inter-layer analysis. Rigid-Flex analysis focuses on flexible conductive layers and coverlayers. Flexible trace layers are analyzed for conditions that potentially lead to trace fracture such as vias, trace corners, or solid copper areas in bend areas. Coverlayers are analyzed for missing exposures, minimum distance between exposures and other common issues. Flexible layers are analyzed for conductors too close or mistakenly placed outside the boundaries of the layer. Allows user to create custom constraints between two layer types for constraints like annular ring, coincidence, minimum gaps and other conditions. Flex and interlayer analysis will be offered as additional module. In addition to flex DFM, an API for CAM350 is built around Microsoft’s Visual Basic. API supersedes current macro language; current language will continue to be supported. Enhancements to CAM350 include 2-D graphics engine based on openGL, support for net bridges, and support for IPC-2581 format Rev C. Upgrades to BluePrint-PCB documentation tool include 2-D graphic upgrade, as well as capability to transfer BluePrint panel document into CAM350 for panel design editing.

DownStream Technologies


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