LIOELM TSS510-HF flexible electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding film is for 5G flexible printed circuits.

Provides improved shielding performance for transmission of high-frequency signals and for high flexibility so circuits do not break when bent. Exhibits no cracking after 20 bends at a 180° angle, 2kg load. Uses a flexible, conductive urethane resin in place of traditional copper wiring as the EMI shielding material. Resin is dispersed with a conductive filler, which generates a resin composite with enhanced compatibility between film flexibility and tensile strength. Demonstrates reduced transmission loss at the -6.5dB level at 15GHz, vs. -8.5dB for conventional shielding films. Shielding effect testing generated values greater than 70dB at 15GHz, compared to 60dB for conventional types.


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