RSA3000E spectrum analyzer comes in 1.5GHz and 3GHz models with available tracking generators and performs real-time analysis for entry-level users.

Comes standard with 10MHz of real-time analysis bandwidth with seamless capture and a 9.3 microsecond 100%POI. Provides seven rich visualization modes and powerful triggering capability. Can function as a traditional swept spectrum analyzer with class leading specifications. Resolution bandwidth (RBW) is standard at 1Hz, noise floor as low as -161dBm, phase noise of -102dBc/Hz, and a full span sweep as fast as 1ms. Integrated EMI pre-compliance option (RSA3000E-EMI) measures, compares, analyzes and reports EMI issues throughout the design process. Integrated ASK/FSK Demodulation Option (RSA3000E-ASK/FSK) characterizes ASK and FSK modulation schemes. Demodulation Application utilizes up to 13 integrated measurement functions including I/Q waveform and RF envelope, constellation and vector diagrams, symbol level decode, time and frequency, and bit error analysis against known sequences providing quick insight into signal behaviors.

Rigol Technologies

Rigol RSA3000E


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