Pulsonix v. 10.5 includes intuitive 3-D collision detection, measurement, and editing for finding and visualizing 3-D spacing problems and fixing them in the same 3-D environment.

Helps with component and enclosure transparency, lighting, and clash markers, and component-to-component distance measurements. Repositions objects in single-axis movements, making it easy to move components while also maintaining proper alignment with board and other components. Visually inspects via structures and copper of internal layers of multilayer PCBs. Supports 3-D SpaceMouse for rotating and zooming the view simultaneously with one hand, while the other uses the mouse to make component positional changes. Defines constraint rules by area in the schematic around components and nets, and then propagates those rules to the PCB environment. Trace impedance tool tips show impedance, capacitance, inductance and propagation delay for any trace. Schematic editor includes new bus connection and multi-net routing capability. Imports Eagle and exports OrCAD netlists.



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