tec-speed 20.0 high-frequency laminate and prepreg series is a ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermoset material for such printed circuit board applications as cellular base station antennas, power amplifiers, LNB for broadcast satellites, automotive radar and RFID.

Preserves signal integrity up to high-GHz frequencies and has a 3.48 dielectric constant (Dk) and 0.0037 dissipation factor (Df). Tested according to IPC-TM-650. UL approved. High glass transition temperature (Tg), high peel strength, and low CTE ensure structural integrity and reliability. Comes as laminate or prepreg (VT-870PP), as standard with HTE copper foil or with HVLP (Hyper Very Low Profile) foil to attenuate passive intermodulation (PIM) effects.



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