BANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA, February 14, 2020 — IPC invites engineers, researchers, academics, technical experts and industry leaders to submit abstracts for the IPC Electronics Materials Forum – From Fabrication to Assembly – to be held June 18, 2020 in Raleigh, N.C., in conjunction with IPC SummerCom.

The Electronics Materials Forum will focus on developments in materials and processes associated with advanced electronics assembly and manufacturing. The content will focus on emerging technologies challenging existing material sets for board fabrication, assembly, and post-assembly protection.

Expert technical presentations are being sought in the following areas:

Substrate materials:

Novel board laminates
Surface finishes
Solder mask advancements
Flexible/wearable circuits
HDI developments

Assembly materials:

New solder alloys
Flux development
Cleaning chemistries
Assembly process strategies
Thermal interface solutions

Protective materials:

Cleaning chemistries
Conformal coatings

An approximate 300-word technical conference abstract summarizing original and previously unpublished work covering case histories, research and discoveries must be submitted. The submission should describe significant results from experiments and case studies, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest and contain appropriate technical test results.

Technical conference paper abstracts and course proposals are due February 27, 2020. To submit an abstract or course proposal, contact Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC technical conference program manager.

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