White Papers

"Copper Foil Weight vs. Thickness"

by Stanley L. Bentley, Divsys

Abstract: The copper foil on the printed circuit board has two very confusing units of measure. These
units are frequently mixed and confused for one another.

Published November 2012

"Sequential Lamination"

by Stanley L. Bentley, Divsys

Abstract: Sequential lamination is necessary when the design of the interconnect system has connections that are not required on all layers or that if made available on all layers would impact the system performance or create an unsolvable congestion in the design.

Published May 2012

"Insider Design Tips for Affordable High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs"

This white paper, written for PCB layout engineers, aims to demystify HDI PCB design and show a methodical approach for increasing electrical performance, signal integrity, and manufacturability, while reducing design time, development cost, and product cost. It instructs on planning a design approach, choosing the right PCB materials, managing stack-up and microvia structures, and available tools to aid the process.

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"Methodologies for Efficient FPGA Integration into PCBs"

This document helps readers to grasp how PCB design considerations play a major role in obtaining the expected performance from FPGAs. Specifically, it focuses on early analysis and simulation methodologies as a way of performing a guided implementation. That is, if variables affecting the design under development are analyzed and results passed onto the implementation tool, then it is more likely the desired design specifications will be met in the first implementation pass, fulfilling the ultimate goal to keep development effort, cost, and time to a minimum.

For a copy of the paper, click here.


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