SHANGHAI – PCB producer AT&S has started to equip its third plant in Shanghai.
Operations at AT&S’s first plant in Shanghai began in 2002; the second plant now is also completely operational.
The company is currently ramping up its third production line, completing the second plant as initially planned, AT&S reports. Based on the trend toward more complex PCBs, the company also plans to install an additional fourth line, which will be completed in November.
Simultaneously, the company will put the third plant into operation. Necessary investments into equipment have been made, and capacities out of this plant will be available in the fourth quarter, says the company.
The first plant has an area of 25,000 m². A second 75,000 m² building next door has been divided into plants two and three.
All three plants are set up for mass production of highly complex laser-drilled HDI PCBs, says the AT&S.
CEO Harald Sommerer says AT&S will be able to grow 15% within the year.
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