BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC today announced IPC Design: an international professional network of board designers.

At its core will be IPC Design Chapters, localized groups of professionals with board design responsibilities. Members of IPC Design Chapters will be organized around three key goals:

•        Advancement of printed board design
•        Connection with other designers
•        Continuing education and training

“The core of the new program is to empower and benefit more PCB designers,” said Patrick Crawford, manager, design standards and related industry programs at IPC. “We want to bring more of IPC’s resources to bear on the design community in the sense that we have a global member network and a modern digital infrastructure that can support committees, create groups, facilitate collaboration and allow them to disseminate knowledge online.”

Design Community Leadership, an international community of designers, advises IPC Design. Leading this group is Karen McConnell, CID, Northrop Grumman, who will lead the first meeting at IPC Apex Expo 2020.

Design Community Leadership will work with designers and engineers to bring exceptional design service, education, training, and support to aspiring professionals. There is a concerted effort to bring IPC Design Chapters to all countries active in the design segment.

Existing IPC Designer Council Chapters will be transitioned into IPC Design.

“As we embrace the younger design community and recognize design is no longer confined to just designers, we want to bring the industry together with designers to build electronics better,” said Teresa Rowe, senior director, assembly and standards technology, who has been leading the growth of the emerging engineers program at IPC.

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