Milpitas, California; Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of RIGID-FLEX and FLEX printed circuit boards is pleased to announce the qualification of DuPont’s Pyralux HT flex circuit material for manufacturing of Flex and Rigid/Flex printed circuitry.

Dale Smith, Lenthor Engineering CTO stated: “The Pyralux HT bond film material when combined with Pyralux AP flexible metal clad laminates and Polyimide rigid materials will provide an extremely robust material set with superior temperature & electrical properties. This material package will provide customers with capabilities and applications  previous material sets could not survive.”

High temperature environments (engines, aerospace, down hole drilling), High Speed/High Frequency (low loss flex & rigid/flex) and Medical applications (autoclave sterilization) demand a higher performance material set than standard materials offer.

John Lee of Insulectro, the premier DuPont material distribution outlet, provided the following: “Lenthor Engineering purchased an automated high temperature press a few years ago for the purpose of laminating specialty materials that require higher than normal laminating temperatures. Combined with Lenthor’s drilling, plasma and plating expertise, they are able to offer a higher performance rigid/flex with Pyralux HT material.”

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