“How do you keep up with new developments in microelectronics as devices become smaller and the space on a PCB becomes even more important?”

PCB packages keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller… as the world keeps demanding more dense PCBs.

Will microelectronics be able to meet the new demands in this new world?

What does the new world of microelectronics and PCB production look like?

San Francisco Circuits, a provider of advanced printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, assembly, and services, makes the point that as devices continue to have reduced form factors, precision in microelectronics becomes even more imperative. Not to mention, smaller PCBs affect overall PCB design, production, and even assembly.

Embracing these new updates in PCB production could become a deciding factor in whether or not your next PCB product will exceed expectations or fail miserably.

In years past, the usual path of a PCB designer would start with a simple two and four-layer PCBs with plated through-hole (PTH) components, then move on to using surface mount technology (SMT), and eventually end up with high density interconnect (HDI) designs.

But not anymore…

The new path in microelectronics is very different from the past. Learn more about these new developments in microelectronics in The Past, Present, & Future of Microelectronics & PCB Production.

San Francisco Circuits has been on the cutting-edge of the latest developments in microelectronics and PCB production in order to provide exceptional PCB fabrication and PCB assembly for your next project. From simple to complex–SFC produces elaborate and high-quality PCBs in custom and common layouts. And they’ve even been voted “world’s greatest in PCBs” by National Television, cementing themselves as an important player in PCB fabrication and assembly.

If you are looking to discuss PCB projects of any size or scope, feel free to reach out to them via their website at www.SFCircuits.com or by phone at 800.SFC.5143.

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