If you need to import an electronic design from production files (Gerbers, drills, ipc-356 test point netlist) to any MCAD, you can use ZofzPCB.com new feature: STEP file export.

ZofzPCB loads Gerber files automatically, converts the board outline drawing into the bare PCB solid and PCB tracks into optimally constructed faces. Using IPC-356 bare board test point file, ZofzPCB can recreate footprint information and, with a very little help of the user, construct component 3D models, on the fly.
The resulting STEP AP214 file is constructed as an assembly tree, containing additional information like component designators and, if a BOM file is also loaded, component names/values.

STEP file export was the most often requested feature, by the ZofzPCB users.

The program is available now at: https://www.zofzpcb.com/  

More info: https://www.zofzpcb.com/Gerber-to-STEP-Export.html

ZofzPCB is a Fremium 3D Gerber Viewer, where CAM file reviewing is a free functionality. Displaying an assembled PCB and converting to STEP file format is a premium part. Rafal Powierski / ZofzPCB is a sole proprietorship. The 3D Gerber Viewer is the only product. The first software release was 15-11-2011, First sale / freemium model 19-11-2018.

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