Jan Vardaman

Can we build on past successes of cost and task sharing?

Much attention is focused on the importance of boosting electronics manufacturing in the US, but in a recent interview, Emmanuel Sabonnadiere, CEO of CEA-Leti, called R&D the roots of the tree of manufacturing. What a great analogy. Without successful R&D in the electronics industry, successful manufacturing is not possible. Creating the best ecosystem to foster R&D is key.

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Jan Vardaman

Does Moore’s law apply to the new HI frontier?

The IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) held a night panel discussion on Dec. 10 titled Rest in Peace Moore’s Law, Long Live AI. As the title suggests, the discussion focused on the future of computing and the role of hardware. The moderator proposed questions like will CMOS technology become commoditized and differentiation occur mostly in circuit design, algorithm and architecture development? Will special purpose coprocessor adoption rates accelerate beyond CPUs and GPUs? What is the role of heterogeneous integration in the AI hardware ecosystem? Will the traditional memory hierarchy be upended by the arrival of non-volatile memory? Will analog accelerators using non-volatile memory elements drive the future semiconductor roadmap as scaling slows, enabling exponential improvements in compute efficiency and performance? Not all the questions were answered, but the discussion was lively.

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E. Jan VardamanTSV has become reality. How many ways can it be used in 3-D packaging?

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Embedded RF and related materials will aid the 5G rollout.

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