• CAD Software Firms Develop XNC Format for PCB Drill Data

    GENT, BELGIUM – Ucamco, KiCad and Pentalogix have developed the CAD/CAM Exchange NC format (XNC), a subset of IPC-NC-349 that transfers CAD/CAM drill information without the need for additional sidecar files.

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  • DownStream Releases CAM350 12.1 CAM Tool

    CAM350 12.1 provides full support for the revisions of industry standards ODB++ / IPC-2581, including import and export functions. Full support for multi-threading has been implemented into the DFMStream analysis algorithms. Analysis options include trace to anti-pads on adjacent layers to validate 100% ground plane reference, and same net minimal spacing. Analysis for negative planes was expanded to include minimal width and minimal gap between copper elements and anti-pads. Features include enhanced detection for backdrills, laser vias, and global fiducials, and netlist compare for no connect nets. User interface was updated to more current Windows standards. Toolbars and menus have been replaced with function-based ribbons. Commands are readily available from function-specific ribbons. User interface elements can be detached from the application or hidden from view until recalled. Context-sensitive ribbons with object-specific commands and formatting options are presented for a selected item. Application programming interface has new automation options, including running BluePrint silently, a prompt for a selection point, and retrieving geometry details from various BluePrint objects. New milling pattern checking features prevent or analyze a PCB assembly panel design for potential milling errors. Enables milling error prevention mode to create error-free milling patterns based on user-defined criteria. User-defined criteria include mill tab keep-in and keep-out areas and minimal distances between mill tabs and adjacent objects. Milling checks can be performed as a post-process or during PCB assembly panel design process. PCB assembly panel documentation features include panel-specific document variables for use in creating custom dimensions and callouts. New panel-specific dimension styles include panel coordinate dimensions and panel chamfer callouts.  

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  • DownStream to Host CAM, PCB Documentation Webinars

    MARLBOROUGH, MA – DownStream will host a pair of webinars on its 2018 software releases for computer-aided manufacturing and PCB documentation.

  • EasyLogix Upgrades PCB-Investigator v. 12.2 CAD/CAM Software

    PCB-Investigator v. 12.2 provides the following enhancements: DRC analysis with overlap of copper/silkscreen with profiles;

  • Elsyca Offers Webinars, New White Paper

    Upgrade your skills for free with Elsyca’s webinars on their new simulation tools for PCB and panels!

  • Engineers: The ‘A’ in CAD stands for Aided

    Martin CottonApplying experience to design to build better boards.

    Some things change, some stay the same. The Pretenders were almost certainly not thinking about making PCBs, but it certainly applies to this industry.

    As my musical musing may suggest, I’ve been here a long time – just over 50 years, in fact. (Chrissie Hynde was still at art school when I started.) I’ve seen many changes. I even caused a few! (More on that later.) But some things stay the same, and one of these is the disconnect between PCB designers and the fabricators who do the making.


  • FabStream Launches SoloPCB Design for Eagle Circuits

    MARLBOROUGH, MA – FabStream says Eagle Circuits has integrated SoloPCB Design software into their manufacturing flow.

  • Frontline Introduces InCAM Pro Flex CAM System

    InCAM Pro Flex CAM system is for rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers.

  • Frontline PCB Launches InCAM 3.03 CAM

    InCAM 3.03 focuses on yield improvement for multilayer boards.

  • Numerical Innovations Announces FAB 3000 V8 CAM

    FAB 3000 version 8 is full-featured CAM software for advanced DRC/DFM verification, component centroid generation, SMT stencil pads creation, PCB panelization, and other features.

  • Numerical Innovations Releases DFM Now! v. 7.4 Software

    Free DFM Now! v. 7.4 can analyze Gerber, ODB++, and NC drill files for fabrication and netlist issues beforehand. Offers CAM DFM features; performs DFM and Netlist Check. If design passes, it displays a Success Icon. Now comes in Linux format.

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  • PentaLogix Implements Gerber X2

    GENT, BELGIUM – PCB CAM and test software company PentaLogix has completed its Gerber X2 input and output.

  • Prototron Circuits goes with InSight PCB to accelerate quotation

    Prototron Circuits has chosen Frontline InSight PCB Pre-CAM Assessment Solution to complement its CAM operation.

  • The Season of Giving

    Mike Buetow

    What is with all the design freeware? Has the market changed so much that software has become a loss leader? And if so, on what products will CAD developers earn a profit, given that they don’t have hardware divisions?

  • Time to Tune Out

    Mike Buetow

    Showing up might be 80% of life, but even that maxim can be stretched too far. 

  • Ucamco Debuts UcamX Assembly Seat

    UcamX Assembly Seat identifies assembly data and reads it into job database.

  • Ucamco Introduces iamcam CAM Software

    Iamcam is a web-based client/server software for automated PCB front-end workflows.

  • Ucamco Releases Integr8tor v2016.04

    Integr8tor v2016.04 sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis provides more detailed analysis of incoming client PCB design data, enabling evaluation, costing, pricing and quoting boards without the need for CAM workload. Resolves repetitive pre-CAM work on incoming jobs, cutting up to 25% of operating time per job. Extensive DfM Classes toolkit expands on former Capabilities suite to automatically and quickly provide a reliable, comprehensive, easy-to-read visual overview of the resources needed for incoming PCB designs. Depending on manufacturer priorities, DfM Classes typically classifies the PCB according to ease of manufacture, materials and resources necessary, and cost levels by accessing and analyzing all the QED data and classifying PCB designs with respect to a broad range of predetermined, custom production parameters. Shows where a layout can be optimized. Other improvements: more sophisticated surface mount device and BGA pad analysis and count; user-defined outlines that protect the integrity of peripheral tracks and features; automatic recognition of cut-outs; feature-specific analysis of clearances between objects and outlines; improved support for Eagle and mixed unit ODB++ v8 data sets; Windows 10-compatible; added speed and simplicity.