ROCHESTER, NY – EMA Design Automation will hold a pair of webinars on printed circuit design this month.

Automated PCB Schematic Review & Debug – Designing for Reliability with BQR and OrCAD will take place Nov. 11.

This webinar will focus on how to make early and automated electrical and stress analysis an inherent part of the design process and avoid the late stage scrambles to fix issues.

Attendees will learn common design issues and how to identify them; how to evaluate stress early in the design cycle; how to save debug time and avoid design re-spins; how to implement a connected end-to-end design for reliability flow; how to embed design debugging and analysis directly into OrCAD; and explore case studies showing electrical and stress issues uncovered across customer designs.

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TimingDesigner – Ensuring Fast, Accurate, and Traceable Documentation for Your Critical Interfaces will take place Nov. 16.

This event will focus on how TimingDesigner enables an automated documentation process for critical timing interfaces.

Attendees will learn how TimingDesigner enables a unified environment to specify, design, analyze, and document critical timing interfaces; how to quickly generate accurate timing documentation from interactive timing diagrams; how to apply to templates to match company styles and preferences automatically; how to show accurate timing relationships with traceability and timing calculation visibility; how to securely share timing specs in an interactive environment; how to do this all from within the same environment used to specify, design, and analyze critical interfaces.

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